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Welcome to Ascend
Thank you for joining the Ascend Guild website. Ascend was formed in 2009 by a group of remaining guild members from the dissolved Insurrection guild. From the time Ascend was formed we have always valued the members within the guild. We attempt to create a very friendly and family-like atmosphere where individual players inside the guild can find a comfortable environment to grow their characters.

To preserve this family-like atmosphere we value helping others. In order to keep this environment intact, rather than selling to guild members favors are preferred. However, use discretion and do not take advantage of the generosity of others. If selling does occur keep prices at a fair value. We are not in this guild to profit off of each other.

We value the character of our members more than the level of members. However, since most members are advanced players and are over 1,000 levels in this guild we have requirements that must be met to join. We only have requirements for joining because we are attempting to avoid ostracizing lower levels members because lower level dungeons are less appealing to higher level players.

We value the integrity of the guild. Please always keep in mind that your conduct affects the perception of our guild to the Mabinogi community. This guild currently has one of the cleanest records in the game and we would like to keep it that way. So conduct your self accordingly and only treat others both inside and outside of the guild as you would want to be treated (GOLDEN RULE).  

Thank you once again for joining. Please remember these three core values as you play. Your cooperation will help us to continue to expand and grow and enhance your playing experience.
ALL applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Over total level 1,000.
2. Depending on Destiny or main combat type, meet ONE of the following:
  • Warriors: 200+ base Str
  • Rangers: 300+ base Dex OR hold "The Sniper" title
  • Mages: 400+ base Int
  • Alchemists: Royal Alchemist title OR at least 3 Alchemy skills at rank 1
  • Hybrids: Case-by-case basis; provide skill/stat details in application or upon request

For more information and to apply to Ascend, go here.

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